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  • White House Responds To Accusations About Trump’s Poor Health; Their Excuse Is Absurd

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    Unless you were living off the grid yesterday (and I wish I was sometimes) you probably saw Trump, in ALL of his neon orange glory, declare that Jerusalem is now “officially” recognized as the Capitol of Israel. And he did this despite warnings from multiple countries, including some of our allies in the Middle East who will be directly impacted by the backlash in their region which is sure to come.

    While Trump was busy pumping himself up and making tensions worse between Palestine and Israel, a lot of us noticed how “OFF” he seemed during his speech. We all know he’s often “OFF,” but it was much worse than usual this time, especially at the end. You can watch it here in case you missed it:

    Was he drunk? Was he on too many meds? Did his dentures fall out? We really aren’t sure, but a lot of people weighed in with their own opinions on social media and you can read some of those here.

    After seeing the public reaction to Trump’s odd behavior – his slurred speech and mispronunciation of the country he’s supposed to be leading – White House representative Raj Shah felt compelled to give a statement, and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

    According to the LA Times:

    “His throat was dry. There’s nothing to it,” White House spokesman Raj Shah said when asked to explain why President Trump garbled “God bless the United States” at the end of his remarks on Wednesday recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announcing plans to build a U.S. Embassy in the disputed city.

    Pressed on whether the slurred words might indicate any health concerns, Shah said: “I know what you’re getting at. I’m saying there’s nothing to it.”

    Of course, there’s nothing to worry about! He’s perfectly healthy, right? (Insert sarcasm here.)

    Do y’all remember when Trump ridiculed Hillary Clinton for her poor health? I do! He claimed she wasn’t fit for office and his “deporables” believed him. Well, “DEPLORABLES,” look at your man right now! Are you still proud of him? Because if you are, I feel truly sorry for you. I feel sorry for all of us because he’s going to get us all killed if someone doesn’t step in and get some sort of control over this nightmare.

    Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer