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  • Trump Makes Ridiculous Remark About Pearl Harbor While Giving Rambling Tribute To WW2 Vets (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump has got himself into hot water again with a stumbling performance in front of a group of veterans. During the rambling speech the president noted that the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor was a “pretty wild scene.”

    The pressure has been on the president in the last few days and it’s starting to show.  His ramblings were, at times, hard to follow. Trump insinuated that his administration was building up military forces in the US again. He claimed, “We are building up the military beyond what you ever thought,” he said. “We got depleted. You know what happened over the last, quite long period of time. Not with us. Our budget will be higher than ever before. We’re building that up again.”

    Please check the video below:

    But veterans are beginning to get sick and tired of Trump. In recent times he’s successfully upset several different groups that are based around the military. Just recently, he used the ethnic slur “Pocahontas” to describe Senator Elizabeth Warren in front of a group of Native American veterans. His stupidity appears to know no bounds. This time, it really does appear that the president has cracked.

    Having been a multiple time draft dodger, people in the military are sick of Trump and his rambling on the military. This performance may well be the last straw. With Russia links still very much in the news cycle, Trump has tried to keep a low profile. But even at an event such as this, the hapless president manages to find a way to damage his credibility. The president is treading on thin ice and it is only a matter of time before he’s done for good.

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