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  • Trump Jr. Throws Hope Hicks Under The Bus Regarding Russia Meeting; She Will Turn On Him


    Donald Trump Jr. has told the House Intelligence Committee that he did not talk to his father about a clandestine meeting in 2016 at Trump Tower in New York. Instead, Trump Jr. insists that he informed Hope Hicks. The unlikely story seems to show that the Trump family are treating the news media as if they were stupid and claiming that they didn’t talk about the meeting.

    It’s alleged that Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower and that he had drafted a response to the New York Times report while on Air Force One and that the president was only privy to the response.

    The allegation would link yet another Trump family member to Russia. An allegation that Trump could do without. Is it possible that the President has used his controversial position on Israel to cover the news? It would certainly fit with the Trump operating manual. Trump is an experienced media handler and knows how to effectively bury bad news. If he chooses to upset the whole of the Muslim World in order to cover for the wrongdoing of his son it would be a careless act. Indeed, his notion of stating that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel is a dangerous game to play.

    The whole Trump clan seemingly cannot escape the reality of their links with Russia. The evidence keeps pointing back to Trump and suggesting that he was in cahoots with the Russians. It seems clear that the Trump family is running scared and using anything in its power to stop news getting out. This time, though they have gone too far and it is now only a matter of time until the special investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller uncovers the smoking gun that will remove Trump from power.

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