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  • CNN Mocks Trump In The Best Way, Releases Brutal Supercut Of His Sniffles And Slurs (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump is infamous for bragging about how he has “the best words” and has superior intelligence, but he definitely raised eyebrows recently when he sniffled and slurred though a speech when he announced his plans to officially recognize Israel’s capital as Jerusalem.

    After seeing Trump’s slur-filled speech, the internet exploded with questions about the president’s physical and mental health, possible substance abuse issues, and possibly flawed dental work. This would hardly be the first time the public took note of Trump’s excessive sniffling, as we all recall how Trump aggressively snorted his way through a presidential debate with Hillary Clinton last year.

    Well-known for its epic trolling of the president, CNN decided to take note of all the times Trump has sniffed and slurred during his speeches to create one brutal – but hilarious – supercut of his speech gaffes. Narrated by Jeanne Moos, this video expertly highlights all of Trump’s previous issues with public speaking, and makes note of his more recent tendency to slur the United “Shtates” of America – which was first noted during a November 15 speech. You can watch this brutal Trump roast below:

    The White House has since responded to the avalanche of criticism and questions about the president’s disintegrating speech patterns, and has stated that he was simply suffering from a dry mouth during his Jerusalem speech.

    Whatever the reason behind Trump’s new speech impediment, there’s one thing we can all be sure of: Trump is going to lose his mind once he sees this supercut by CNN. It’s also likely that the president will come up with his own hardly believable, lame excuse for why he couldn’t speak correctly – which will only invite more trolling. We don’t know what is going on with Trump’s mouth in these speeches, but the media is clearly having a ball.

    Featured image via Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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