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  • BREAKING: House Intelligence Committee Ready To Subpoena Trump Jr. (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump Jr. has been very quiet over the past few days on Russia. His lack of progress on the issue has meant that Rep. Adam Schiff is threatening to subpoena the president’s son. Talking to the Washington Post, Schiff stated “If they persist in this claim of privilege, then we’d have to subpoena him to come back.”

    The Trump administration is rightfully scared of Republicans losing control of the House. If that happens then all bets are off on the future of the Trump administration. Trump Jr. rightly fears the repercussions of a loss of the House and the melee that would follow.

    On CNN, Schiff went on to say

    “I think the committee has set a precedent that if witnesses make any flimsy claim of privilege then the House or the Senate will back away. For example, we have seen the Attorney General, not just in the House, but in the Senate too, make an assertion that they were not going to answer questions about conversations, not because they were invoking privilege, in those cases, but because they thought the President ultimately might invoke privilege, sort of a privilege to potentially invoke privilege. There’s no such thing, but as long as the House and Senate fail to act and insist then we create this new opportunity to evade oversight.”

    Video below:

    Trump Jr. is desperately trying to use privilege as his basis for not answering questions on the matter, but many believe the excuse is flimsy at best. The Trump family are no stranger to trying to work their way around the law. They come armed with a set of lawyers who must be some of the hardest working around considering Trump’s highly litigious nature. He has a well-documented past of using litigation as a way of silencing people and it seems he will try and do that again.