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  • Melania Trump Just Made A Major Gaffe On Twitter; Doesn’t Know The History Of Our Nation (IMAGE)


    Earlier today, Melania joined her husband in upsetting veterans and embarrassing our nation when she tweeted “Today we honor Pearl Harbor heroes 11/7/1941. Thank you to all military for your courage and sacrifice.”

    Someone may have wanted to tell her to read up on history before taking to twitter to humiliate herself and our veterans.  Clearly Melania, just like her husband, doesn’t seek the advice of the people around her before tweeting.  There seems to be a lack of communication between both the president, the first lady and their aides.  The better question would be…why doesn’t anyone take their phones away?!

    Melania corrected the tweet as soon as it became apparent that a mistake had been made, but unfortunately for the first lady, the internet has a long memory and mistakes are rarely missed. In this case, being the first lady means that everything Melania Trump does is under the microscope and it’s a shame she missed the mark on this one.  This is just another example of how incompetent the Trump administration truly is.

    A Twitter user captured a screenshot of the first lady’s tweet with the wrong date:

    The couple are frequent users of Twitter. Melania’s husband is usually the one causing trouble on the network with his frequent ill-thought out tweets landing him in hot water. Trump provides almost constant insight into the inner workings of his mind on a daily basis and is criticized for his use of Twitter to vent his anger. The White House has become the laughing stock of much of the world thanks to Trump and his side-kicks.

    Photo via Getty Images