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  • Trump’s Health Under Fire After He Gives Slurred, Incoherent Speech (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump, Health, Israel / Palestine

    This afternoon, Trump did the unthinkable by ignoring the warnings of multiple countries and acknowledged Jerusalem as the official Capital of Israel. He also ordered the US Embassy to move from its location in Tel Aviv.

    In case you missed it, you can watch it in its entirety here:

    While that alone is disturbing and will likely result in further unrest in the entire Middle East, we couldn’t help but notice how incoherent he seemed while delivering his clearly scripted speech. Did you notice the slurring and mispronunciation of words? If not, click that link above and fast forward to the very end where it’s especially evident. He completely mispronounced “The United States” and called it what sounds like, “The United Shakes!” You can try to figure that out for yourself…

    What I’m getting at here is that this is further evidence that he is clearly not in his right mind, and I’m not alone in my assessment. Social media has exploded with reactions such as:

    And there are many, many more where those came from. Just check the CNN Politics Facebook page for more examples if you have the time.

    This is not the first time Trump’s health has come into question. You may remember that day he wandered off during a meeting and had to be caught by his staff. Or the multiple times he’s forgotten which country he was in. We’ve all laughed about those missteps in the past, but after what he pulled today… It’s time to really worry, because he’s playing with the lives of millions of people.

    Someone needs to step in before he gets us all killed. Which, after today, could happen sooner than later.

    Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer