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  • Kellyanne Conway Has Insane Meltdown On CNN, What She Does Is So Inappropriate (VIDEO)

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    Kellyanne Conway, much like her boss Donald Trump, is struggling to keep up with the mounting pressure about all of the president’s wrongdoings.

    Earlier today, Conway had an insane meltdown during a combative interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo as the White House counselor tried to defend Trump’s disgusting endorsement of pedophile GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

    The interview was 20 minutes long, and Conway stumbled through it the entire time, deflecting from the mounting accusations against Moore and trying to bash his Alabama democratic opponent, Doug Jones. Cuomo didn’t make it easy for Conway as he bluntly stated that Trump “would rather have an accused child molester than a Democrat” in Alabama as he confronted her:

    “When the president endorsed Roy Moore, when he started talking about Doug Jones, the opponent, which you still don’t want to talk about but the president does, he took a lead in the polls again. Why is that? Because the president himself came out and said he doesn’t want a liberal in the Senate. He wants a reliable vote for taxes for life. The president said something else that you don’t want to reflect, [Moore] has denied those allegations and the president said you have to take that into account too.”

    Conway struggled to respond and keep it together as she shifted the conversation to Democratic Senator Al Franken, criticizing the network for not calling Franken out in the same way (even though Franken did not stalk and molest teen girls). To that, Cuomo responded “You have no standard of morality!” before clarifying:

    “The president seems to have no moral standard at play, it’s all pragmatism.”

    Then, Conway lost it. Continuing to focus on Franken instead of Moore, she asked Cuomo if he felt Franken “was groping” Leean Tweeden in the infamous photo. In doing this, Conway actually imitated Franken by making groping gestures on-air for the camera in a completely unprofessional display that only someone on Trump’s team could execute.

    You can watch this insanity go down within the first few minutes of this video:

    Featured image via Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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