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  • Trump Takes Call With Frantic Middle Eastern Leaders; What He Says Will Be Damaging To The Region

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    Not content with bumbling his way through his domestic issues and diplomacy with North Korea, President Donald Trump is now trying to destabilize the Middle East. As previously promised, President Trump has decided to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. The decision will raise tensions in the region due to Jerusalem’s importance to several faiths. Many leaders from the Muslim World are up in arms, with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stating “Mr. Trump! Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims!” This is largely agreed on within much of the Muslim World, with leaders from the Arab World condemning Trump’s actions. Muslim countries do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    Trump is no stranger to controversy, but on this occasion, he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Historically, the Middle East has been gently handled by US presidents (some exceptions aside). There have been decades of diplomacy and work put into the current situation and this bullish political move threatens to throw the situation back years. Trump, though, will not be that bothered, since he has powerful friends in Israel and the support of many on the right wing. Traditionally the unequivocal right-wing support for the state of Israel has come in the face of vociferous opposition from some on the left.

    Hamas, the political movement in Palestine, has been trying to regroup with Fatah in an attempt to strengthen the political process for a strong consensual government in the region. But Hamas is now threatening a new “Intifada” if Trump goes ahead with his plan.

    Fresh on the heels of his travel ban being fully implemented, Trump now seems to be galvanized against the mainly Muslim countries that will be affected by both the ban and the movement of the embassy. If this is a political move on Trump’s part, it may be the darkest part of the legacy that he will leave.

    Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images