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  • Latest Poll Exposes The Truth About Trump’s Tax Bill And It’s Appalling


    Republicans have just received two very alarming reviews of their disastrous tax bill.

    Two new polls released Tuesday showed that the bill has become deeply unpopular with the majority of Americans, with many voters believing it would not benefit them and hand the most assistance to wealthier Americans.

    According to poll released from Quinnipiac University,  29% of those surveyed approved of the Tax Bill and Job Act, while 53% disapproved. Additionally, 64% of Americans said the bill would mostly benefit the wealthy, while 24% said the middle class would see the most benefit.

    In addition, a Gallup poll found that 29% of people surveyed approved of the GOP tax bill, while 56% disapproved. Seventy percent of Republicans approved, while just 7% of Democrats were in favor. Independents joined Democrats in relative distaste, with 25% of those polled approving of the legislation and 56% disapproving.

    The Quinnipiac Poll also provided huge margins for Democrats on generic congressional ballots: House ballot 50-36 (Democrat +14) Senate ballot 51-37 (Democrat +14).

    As Business Insider reported, “Analytics site FiveThirtyEight has found that the TCJA was the least popular tax-related bill dating back to 1981 — even less so than two bills that hiked taxes in the 1990s. As of last Wednesday, the bill had average ratings of 32% approval and 46% disapproval, based on polls from five organizations.”

    The fact that the GOP manipulated Congress into issuing this hugely unpopular tax cut plan that hurts more people than it helps, shows that they have moved beyond even pretending to work for the interests of anyone other than lobbyists, donors, and billionaires like Donald Trump.



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