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  • Trump Caught Secretly Changing White House Staffers Assignments; This Is A Big Problem

    Donald Trump, Politics

    President Donald Trump is apparently intervening between White House staff and assignments given to them by Chief of Staff John Kelly. In a report by the Wall Street Journal, President Trump is bypassing regularly scheduled phone calls and communications between advisors and Kelly, possibly changing what information Kelly has access to. This, in itself, isn’t particularly egregious – the damning bit is that President Trump isn’t required to tell what he has spoken about thus allegedly ordering them not to inform Kelly of conversation details.

    Why Is This Bad?

    This fractures the White House, undermining organizational cohesiveness that is important for the leadership role bestowed upon Trump. Not only is this an insult to Kelly, but the reports are also noting that the so-called President  is taking advice from special-interest groups. According to several sources, President Trump tends to dodge officially scheduled phone calls during decision-making situations. Instead, he’s using that time to sneak in advice from colleagues outside of the White House.

    These outside influencers have found a friend in First Lady Melania Trump. These colleagues bypass the measures imposed by Kelly by communicating directly with the First Lady, and using her as a link, who has taken a “more central role as a political advisor,” according to the Journal. Melania’s role in the White House has been questionable, especially since her proposed White House initiatives were to focus on bullying – even though she is married to a person that many may deem a tyrant.

    A spokesperson for Melania responded to these reports:

    ‘This is more fake news and these are more anonymous sources peddling things that just aren’t true. “

    It’s getting more difficult to choose who to believe with this administration.



    Featured image via Wikimedia/ Getty Images