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  • Trump Will Be Hauled Into Court For Sexual Harassment, Paving The Way For Impeachment

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    Donald Trump is awaiting yet more bad news. In a week that could barely get any worse for the embattled president, Trump is waiting to hear whether he will be forced to testify in the case of a sexual assault claim. A former contestant on “The Apprentice,” Summer Zervos, claims that President Trump sexually assaulted her while she was on the show.

    Trump, of course, is denying the claim that would put him in serious jeopardy of impeachment. According to Business Insider, Trump will be appearing at a New York Supreme Court hearing in an attempt to get the case tossed. The claim is Zervos was sexually assaulted by the president. She claims that in a 2007 meeting with the current president and former reality show star grabbed her breasts and kissed her. Zervos also claims that he thrust his genitals at her.

    Trump’s high-powered attorneys are getting used to these types of cases. They are attempting to have the case tossed due to Trump being a sitting president. But it is not the case that Trump will not have a case to answer. Former President Bill Clinton testified in a suit filed by Paula Jones in 1997. This precedent will not help the Trump’s case. Georgetown University law professor Susan Low Bloch concurred, noting that “the precedent is not on Trump’s side.”

    There is also the question of Trump’s own statements calling his accusers “liars,” raising the issue of defamation.

    In a filing, Trump’s lawyers stated: “All of the statements occurred on political forums – a campaign website, on Mr. Trump’s Twitter account, in a presidential debate, and at campaign rallies – where the listeners expect to hear public debate, taken as a political opinion rather than a defamatory statement.”

    The claim is one of many against Trump’s character. He’s well known for his antics with women and was even caught boasting about having his way with them. He is also no stranger to litigation, using solicitors to sort out many of his problems over the years. But whatever happens this time, it is certain that Trump’s reputation will be damaged.

    Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images