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  • Trump Welcomed Back To NYC In The Best Way Possible (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump has returned to New York City to taunts of “Lock him up!” The taunt, which was a mainstay of Trump’s presidential campaign when referencing the past exploits of his opponent Hillary Clinton, is now being aimed back at him. While it is a long way from happening, there is now a distinct chance that Trump will be facing prosecution, rather than what he had promised his opponent if and when he gained power.

    Trump’s motorcade filed through the streets of the Big Apple on Saturday while the president listened to the chants from a group of protesters gathered. Trump is scheduled to attend three fundraisers today in New York after a mixed 24 hours for the controversial president.

    Over the last day he has seen his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn plead guilty of lying to the FBI and had controversial tax reforms make their way through. It really has been a day of highs and lows for Trump, though the lows seem much more significant than the highs.

    So far, Trump has all but ignored the Michael Flynn situation and what it may mean for his presidency going forward. Like most wannabe dictators, the president has decided that he wants to try and control the news narrative, hoping that the cycle will soon be over. This is despite palpable anger on the streets that was evident in New York today. Many have had enough of Trump and his antics and this week, in particular, has been a dark one for the embattled president. Before the Flynn situation, he had already become embroiled in a scandal over his Twitter use. Trump had retweeted a video, now proven to be fake, of what was meant to be a Muslim refugee attacking a Dutch citizen. The video had originated from the British far-right pressure group Britain First. Trump then attacked Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May after she rebuked his use of the video.

    The only thing you need to credit Trump with is never being dull.

    Photo via NCT gallery.