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  • Wall Street Journal Just Took A Hard Shot At Trump; Even Republicans Can’t Disagree


    Earlier this week, President Donald Trump retweeted a series of videos from a far-right British nationalist group that targeted Muslims. Many have spoken out in outrage and condemned Trump for promoting such a a racist group, including U.K Prime Minister Theresa May and numerous civil-rights advocates.

    Out of all who have called out the president, Wall Street Journal, the right-leaning conservative news organization, takes the gold metal.

    In a recent editorial, WSJ said Trump was hypocritical for accusing news outlets of unfair coverage while he himself shared dubious videos on Twitter that purported to show Muslims committing all types of violent crimes. The Journal proceeded to refer to Trump as “fake news.”

    The editorial states:

    “Mr. Trump’s battle with the press over ‘fake news’ is driven by his justifiable belief that he isn’t getting sufficient credit for his achievements, such as his tax bill,” the paper said. “But he can’t on one day demand straight coverage of his Presidency, and on another day promote his own favorite fake news like Britain First.” 


    “We’d advise Mr. Trump to rein himself in for the sake of his own Presidency, but by now we know that’s hopeless.”

    Wall Street Journal has not been afraid to tell like it is, even if it means going against the Republican president. In the past, they have harshly criticized Trump for damaging his own credibility and undermining his presidency.

    Using his privileged platform to promote hatred and violence is a way for Trump to abuse the power of his presidency and it’s be apparent to everyone, including Republicans.


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