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  • White House Responds To Trump’s Racist Tweets, Somehow Makes It SO Much Worse (TWEETS)

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    Donald Trump landed himself in a ton of hot water by reminding everyone just how racist he is earlier today. Trump thought it would be a great idea to retweet a bunch of violent, anti-Muslim videos this morning, sending America (and the rest of the world, in all honesty) into shock.

    We all know that if Trump is left to correct this issue, he’s only going to make it worse. So as usual, his team was left to deal with the aftermath – and they actually made it much, MUCH worse! The White House released a statement addressing the fact that Trump had shared three graphic, unverified and anti-Muslim videos – which were from a white nationalist party leader in the UK. Unfortunately, the response from the Trump administration was just as disappointing and disgusting as the president’s.

    Hours after Trump shared those videos, Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs hopped on Twitter to report that she had asked deputy press secretary Raj Shah if Trump really thought Muslims were a threat to the country. He replied “The president has addressed these issues with the travel order”:

    Yes, the Trump administration just brought up Trump’s infamous, racist, anti-Muslim travel ban – proving that the intentions behind Trump’s travel ban were always to ban a particular religion from the country. And of course, Trump is just trying to rile up more anti-Muslim hate with his tweets.

    The deputy press secretary expanded on his comments, as Washington Post’s Ashley Parker posted the entire quote shortly after:

    The Trump administration has certainly sunk to new lows today.

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