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  • Trump Just Proved He’s Racist Against Muslims; This Is Unbelievable (TWEETS)

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    In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Donald Trump went on an even more shocking tantrum than usual on his favorite social media platform, Twitter. In the effort to distract his followers from everything else going on around him — including the Robert Mueller investigation, which has been closing in on him day by day — he often tweets original thoughts meant to enrage the left. But he’s been known in the past to retweet, without first vetting the source, accounts that end up being incredibly offensive in nature.

    That was the case on Wednesday. Trump, for whatever reason, was in a deeply racist state of mind, and chose to retweet three messages from Jayda Fransen, a notorious far-right extremist and the deputy leader of Britain First, an anti-Muslim political party whose entire platform is dedicated to eliminating Islam from the UK and stopping immigration to the island.

    Last year, Fransen was convicted of “religiously-aggravated harassment” after she verbally attacked a woman in public in a hijab, and she’s currently on bail on four more charges of the same thing, for distributing virulently anti-Muslim literature and videos over the internet, and over the content of speeches she gave that she described as “anti-terrorism” but were nothing less than hate speech.

    Trump selected three of her tweets to effectively amplify — that’s the real purpose of a retweet: to take something you agree with, and give it a larger platform. They are disturbing, and they are contained here:

    Trump was roundly condemned for the retweets. He either has no idea how dangerous it is to Muslims around the world for the President of the United States to openly display such disgusting anti-Muslim sentiment, or he knows exactly what he’s doing, and actually wants to see Muslims get attacked by his rabid followers.

    If he is somehow convinced to take down the retweets, we’ve captured them here, since the tweets above simply look like normal messages from the account of the criminal Fransen:

    If Trump’s racism is this casual, this easy to come by, it’s no wonder that he’s been so insensitive lately. He’s defended a pedophile, used a racial slur to the faces of Native American war heroes, and now this — all in the span of a week.

    This man is dangerous and disgusting, and he must be stopped.

    Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images