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  • Eric Trump Tries To Defend His Dad’s Racism On Twitter And It Completely Backfires


    On Tuesday morning, Eric Trump attempted to defend his father’s racist remarks towards Senator Elizabeth Warren and the entire Native American community  by citing a Disney movie of the same name.

    Eric tried to make the argument that it was hypocritical for people to bash his father for calling someone “Pocahontas,” saying that it wasn’t offensive when Disney made a popular movie called Pocahontas. 

    Twitter users were outraged by this pathetic attempt to defend Trump’s constant racist slurs and proceeded to use his own explanation against him. Check this out:

    Others were just amazed at how truly idiotic Trump’s son is:


    It is truly appalling that Eric doesn’t understand the difference between honoring an historical female figure and insulting a living female with a slur. Calling Pocahontas Pocahontas is fine–that was her name. Calling a sitting senator Pocahontas to make fun of her Native American heritage IS a racial slur–against her and against the Native population. Apparently, the apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the Trump clan.




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