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  • BREAKING: Trump Donated To Agency With History Of Trying To Take Down Liberal Organizations


    President Trump has become embroiled in another scandal. It has come to light that Trump made a donation to an organization that attempts to take down left-wing organizations. The organization, known as Veritas attempted to dupe The Washington Post with a fake claim about Roy Moore.

    The Washington Post found out that a woman had been lying about becoming pregnant with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s child. It soon came to light that the woman is part of Project Veritas, the organization that Trump has donated to. Veritas has a history of sting operations aimed at liberal targets including Trump’s favorite target CNN.

    The donation happened one month before Trump ran for president and came via his controversial Trump Foundation. The donation was for $10,000 and it is unknown what the purpose of the donation was, though there will now be immense speculation that it was for his presidential run.

    One of the recipients of the donation may have been filmmaker James O’Keefe. The right-wing activist created a video that claimed Hillary Clinton had paid supporters to cause violence at some of Trump’s infamous rallies. Trump cited the video’s in his debates with Clinton, though failed to mention his link to the makers of the film itself.

    O’Keefe was back creating videos again on Monday, this time showing employee’s of The Washington Post talking about their thoughts on the president. O’Keefe tried to frame them in a negative light, though it appears nothing particularly controversial was in the undercover videos.

    Twitter criticized him for the donation:

    This most recent link is another nail in the coffin of Donald Trump. The undercover dealing’s that are standard practice for Trump is highly unethical and far from presidential. It is now only a matter of time until Trump finally pays for his actions.