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  • BREAKING: Top State Department Official Resigns; This Is Big

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    A senior official working for the State Department has left the job just three months after they were given the position. They were tasked to restructure the agency to fit the Trump administration.

    Maliz Beams was the senior official, with Bloomberg News noting that she departed Monday night, confirming that she actually followed through with her decision to resign. As a replacement, Deputy Chief of staff Christine Ciccone will take over and continue an attempt to alter the agency. It’s worth noting that the departure most likely stems from a plummet in morale. The spokeswoman for the State Department, Heather Nauert, said this about Beams’ departure:

    “Admittedly, the department could do a better job of communicating every single step along the way of the redesign process. There is a morale issue and the department realizes that we need to say more.”

    The restructuring of the State Department had a long fight to win approval from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senators had concerns about the direction that these changes were taking, issuing a statement that said that the changes “threaten to undermine the long-term health and effectiveness of American diplomacy.”

    Departures From The Trump Administration So Far

    The Trump Administration has been riddled with departures at every level, in seemingly every department. Some of the more notable farewells were the ousting of white nationalist Steve Bannon, the mastermind behind Breitbart, a far-right propaganda site peddling itself as an authentic news organization. President Trump spearheaded the slogan “drain the swamp,” but his short-lived pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services turned out to be the personification of the Swamp Thing, abusing the use of private jets that were designated for government travel. And of course, the shortest stint with the Trump administration came in the form of Anthony Scaramucci’s six-day tenure at the White House.

    Expect more shuffling of Trump’s administration.

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