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  • Trump And The Republicans Just Made It So That Trump Becomes A One Term President


    While Trump is recovering from a weekend spent at Mar-A-Lago, Republicans are having trouble figuring out what to accomplish (more like fail at) next.

    Apparently, the GOP and Trump have nothing in the works after the tax reform. According to Republicans at Capital Hill, “there is very little in the pipeline, and no obvious next item on the agenda after tax reform except maybe a return to health care.”

    Combining that with a so-called president who has no prior knowledge of any policies whatsoever, it appears as though Republicans are in a huge bind. As Politico reported:

    “White House officials will have to work with Congress to get a budget passed in December. And, thanks to the president’s executive order rolling back President Barack Obama’s work-permit program for young undocumented immigrants, there will have to be a politically explosive debate between now and March about passing a Republican version — which will likely include a showdown over Trump’s long-promised wall between Mexico and the United States.” 

    “The administration’s disorganization is in part a reflection of the president’s own indifference toward many policy issues — but the structure of Trump’s White House staff has in many ways inhibited the sort of long-term policy planning characteristic of previous administrations.”

    The fact that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who claim to be the so-called experts in policy crafting, have no real agenda planned is very detrimental for the White House; we all know Trump is too incompetent to take action in any agenda that doesn’t include golfing and tweeting. Taking leadership is just one of the many traits of a president, but seems to be one of Trump’s many flaws. Ultimately, a government that does not function properly will cause total destruction within society and will potentially lead to Trump being kicked out of office.



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