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  • Jake Tapper Rips Into Trump After He Calls CNN Fake And It’s Brilliant!

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    President Donald Trump has recently tweeted his love for Fox News, and how a subdivision of CNN International was a “major source” of biased reporting. President Trump noted how CNN makes the United States bad.

    CNN directly responded to that tweet, stating that it was not its job to portray the United States in whatever way; that was the job of the president. It’s also interesting to note that President Trump’s attacks on CNN International come on the heels of Russian President Vladimir Putin categorizing CNN International as a “foreign media outlet” that needs to be restrained. It was a perfectly orchestrated attack on the press as Trump designates a news organization as a threat, and international powers conveniently coincide and fall in line, limiting the movement of information from the newsgroup.

    Jake Tapper’s Response To CNN International Attack

    During his segment, Tapper discussed Trump’s tweet, as well as another tweet in which Trump wanted to give a “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” to several outlets. Tapper did not go for cheap ad hominem attacks, he brought facts to his argument pointing out that Trump praised MAGAPill.com, a website inundated with anti-Semitic content and conspiracy theories. This was a “website that the president seemingly supports,” Tapper quipped.

    Fox News Is Donald Trump’s Lap Dog

    Fox News is amazingly biased in its reporting, and it is doing a disservice to the Republican Party. It has stunted the growth of the GOP by spreading misinformation to cater to its far-right base, alienating those in the center of the political aisle. It has single-handedly created an aggressive echo chamber, with reports that Fox News breeds extremism, conditioning its followers to reject other voices as biased and to consume media that fits the Fox News mold.

    Jake Tapper Exposes A Sad Truth

    Trump has a special counsel that feeds him glowing reviews and commentary on his work as president. Trump needs to be coddled, and Tapper fleshes this out in his statement.

    “There may, however, be more here than one man’s insatiable coverage for glowing coverage,” he continued. “This seems at least in part to undermine accountability for him and his administration. But attacking the press is not going to stop us from reporting that which he does not like to have covered.”


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