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  • Donald Jr. Just Posted A DISGUSTING Picture On Instagram; Get Ready To Be Angry (VIDEO)

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    For a family versed in show business, and frankly little else, the Trumps have a really weird struggle with optics. After years of Twitter abuse toward President Obama about his less than weekly golf game, Trump waved his tiny middle finger (figuratively, of course) at the country and decided to golf even more.

    Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has his own optics problem. Two years ago, a series of pictures became viral after he and his brother Eric went big game hunting.

    The Trump boys consider themselves outdoorsmen, but not like most Americans who consider themselves to be outdoors people. No, the Trump’s don’t hunt for such mundane prey as ducks or deer, as many of Trump’s voters do. They hunt for animals most Americans will never see outside of a zoo.

    Trump Jr. did it again. He went shark fishing off the coast of Florida and he was quite successful, although he ended up putting the fish back. It was what he did in between catching the shark and releasing it that has animal rights activists and the internet in an uproar.

    Much of the controversy has surrounded this Instagram post:

    Many accused Jr. of catching an endangered shark, which isn’t true:

    Among the world’s 500-plus shark species, some are indeed considered endangered (like hammerheads and whale sharks*), but blacktips (Carcharhinus limbatus) like this one are not. The animal was caught and subsequently released at Palm Beach, and Trump Jr. – who has also taken heat for trophy hunting in the past – did nothing illegal by landing it.** However, that doesn’t mean the encounter was well handled.

    Source: Earth Touch News Network

    The problem, according to Florida guidelines, was that he was essentially torturing the shark by dragging out of the water and leaving it out for his own gratuitous purposes of getting the perfect picture.

    “It is okay to take a picture of a fish while it’s in the process of being released,” they write. “But a fish should not be held out of the water for long periods just for the purpose of taking a picture.”

    Here’s the video showing Trump doing exactly that:

    The Twitter reaction did not share Trump’s excitement for the display of man over fish:

    If nothing else, we now have the perfect metaphor for when Don Jr.’s dad is “dragged” out of the White House in handcuffs.

    Featured image via Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images.