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  • Assassination Attempt; Woman Allegedly Sent Explosive Devices To Obama (REPORT)

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    In October 2016, Texas resident Julia Poff sent several improvised explosive devices – or IEDs – to then President Barack Obama. According to court papers, Poff is accused of mailing these devices that were meant to explode when opened in a specific way. The one sent to Obama was detected, intercepted, and rendered safe before it got to the hands of the former president.

    Also Sent Bombs To Texas Governor?

    Poff also sent an IED through the mail to be received by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. This IED got into the hands of Abbott, with the governor actually attempting to open it. Authorities say that Abbott opened it, but did not do so correctly so that it will cause an explosion. This mistake could have saved his life.

    Commonly used as roadside bombs, IEDs typically use a dangerous combination of pyrotechnic or lethal chemicals that can incapacitate, especially if the person is in direct line with the explosives. Poff’s bombs were made of “smokeless powder, fuses, and pyrotechnic composition” according to the indictment.

    Third EID Sent To to The Social Security Administration Commissioner

    Poff also sent a third EID to Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin. It isn’t exactly clear what happened to the bomb that was sent to Colvin. However, it is important to note that Poff has previously applied for Social Security benefits but was denied.

    According to a detention signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Frances Stacy, Poff’s personal cell phone was within the package sent to Obama, with cat hairs found stuck underneath the address label. The cat hair was used to trace Poff.

    Who Is Julia Poff?

    Poff is a 46-year-old, former fireworks shop worker, which may explain her expertise using explosive components. She is from Texas, using a drop box in Brookshire just outside of Houston to mail the packages fixed with IEDs.

    Investigators note that she targeted Abbott because he was the Texas Attorney General when she was denied child-support benefits, and targeted Obama just because she disliked him.