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  • Watch: Trump’s Supporters One Year After Election; Their Responses Will Surprise You

    Donald Trump, Media

    President Trump exceeds truth and the power of Christ.

    A man who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election was interviewed with a panel of other voters, to see what they thought about Trump’s presidency after a year. Mark Lee, one of the six Trump voters to appear on CNN this Monday morning said that “If Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him, ‘Hold on a second. I need to check with the president if it’s true.”

    Lee went as far as to make claims that Trump is actually “draining the swamp – even though there is outstanding evidence showing that Trump is not only filling the halls of Washington with swamp water, but that he is a swamp creature himself.

    Trump, the Ecology of a Swamp Monster

    Trump has not isolated himself from his businesses and business interests, with fine print in legal arrangements showing that Trump had the power to draw money from his 400 companies without disclosing it.

    The Trump administration has been hiring lobbyists and people representing special-interest groups into the federal government. Several “super lobbyists” work for the executive office of the president. Just last week Trump picked a former pharma executive who doubled the price of an insulin drug as health secretary to help lower drug prices.

    Trump has promised that he wouldn’t engage in transactions with foreign governments to ensure transparency – even though he hired a major construction company owned by the Chinese government to help construct the Trump golf clubs in Dubai.

    Trump has used money donated to the Republican National Committee to shield himself from allegations and pay for his litigation team.

    Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for the United States Secretary of Treasury used government jets to take his wife on a honeymoon to Scotland – all on the taxpayer’s dollar. Mnuchin’s rendezvous triggered an investigation by the Treasury Department.

    These voters are impressed by Trump’s ability to “drain the swamp.”


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