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  • Member Of Trump’s Administration Caught On Tape Being A Bigot And No One Bats An Eye (AUDIO)

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    A senior figure in the Department of Homeland Security has come under fire for past remarks including that cities become “slums” because black residents are affected by “laziness, drug use and promiscuity.” Rev. Jamie Johnson who is the Director of Community Outreach in the Department of Homeland Security has also previously been condemned for insinuating that the only things that Muslims had contributed to the World were “oil and dead bodies.”

    A frequent guest on evangelical Christian radio shows, Johnson is well known for his disparaging remarks aimed at ethnic minority communities; in particular the black community. As well as these new claims, he is also credited with suggesting that Jews are superior as they “immediately rolled their sleeves up and began to work so hard” which allowed them to climb the social ladder.

    President Trump has tried hard to at least seem to be friendly to ethnic communities since his inauguration, but the damage was already done by his firebrand campaign which had no quibbles at using black and ethnic minority people as targets.

    This feeling culminated in a riot in Charlottesville that ended up with one dead and many injured during the riot. Trump is blamed due to his willingness to stir up anti-immigrant feeling in order to further his own political ambitions during his campaign, a claim he denies vehemently.

    Listen to the audio here:

    This couldn’t have come at a worse time for President Trump, who is struggling domestically with low opinion polls. He is also deeply unpopular around the world, and having yet another racial incident on his hands looks like he is incapable of keeping a lid on things. Perhaps Johnson’s opinions aren’t so far from the president’s after all, as so far the president is yet to take to his favorite mouthpiece Twitter to attack the words of this individual. Many will watch on in interest to see the reaction from Trump.

    Photo Courtesy: LinkedIn/Cornerstone Ministries