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  • BREAKING: Top GOP Official Quits Position Over Republican Tax Bill


    A Republican donor by the name of Steve Louro abruptly quit his position as regional finance chairman for the state’s Republican Party  over major objections to the Republican-led tax bill.

    Louro, who hosted an event for Donald J. Trump at his Long Island home last year, completely slammed the GOP tax bill in an interview with The New Times calling it ”a disgrace.”

    Louro stated:

    “The bill that’s going to get passed is not going to take care of the American people.”

    “It’s a disgrace. It’s going to hurt a lot of middle-class Republicans.” 

    Many Republicans understood Louro’s concerns, including Republican Peter King, who announced that the GOP “can’t afford to lose Steve Louro. Several others have since come out in opposition to the House GOP’s tax plan over concerns that middle-class constituents could suffer from elimination of the state and local  deduction.

    For those unaware, this tax plan (for the rich) raises taxes on most of the middle-class and all of the working poor. Trickle down is a failed and debunked conservative scam and fraud. If anyone makes less than $200,000 and supports this plan, they are as brain-washed as can be. When people in Trump’s own party think this plan will cause more harm than good, then that should be a wake-up call to all.






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