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  • Here Is The Number Of Times Trump Lies To Americans In A Day; Brace Yourselves (DETAILS)


    Donald Trump is notoriously known for being a liar. In fact, his entire administration adopted his compulsive lying habits. We, as Americans, know he is a liar, but the real question here is: just how often does Donald Trump lie to us?

    According to a count maintained by The Washington Post’s Fact Checker and updated Tuesday morning, Trump has now made 1,628 false or misleading claims in his 298 days in office. That’s an average of 5.5 a day – let that sink in.
    Five and a half misleading or outright false statements for each day — yes, that includes weekends as well– that Trump has been in office. Fact checkers have estimated that Trump will exceed past 2,000 misstatements, exaggerations, and flat out lies in his first year in office, if he continues this pace.
    It’s hard to imagine that we have a president living comfortably in the White House, who blows through taxpayer’s hard-earned money, who is being investigated for being involved in Russian meddling, and who constantly lies to Americans (including his supporters) to get the outcome that he desires. Evidently, Trump does not have our nation’s best interest at heart – that is why his lies have accumulated. As CNN put it, from the moment Trump announced his presidential bid in June 2015– he has “shown a total lack of concern for facts. Not only that, he has flaunted his lack of adherence to established facts as a sort of badge of honor — a symbol of his lack of commitment to politics as usual.”
    Lying fuels Trump – knowing that he still has supporters that worship the president makes him feel superior. One thing Trump wants to obtain more than anything is power. The power to have control over our nation, despite the heartache and pain it will instill. Lying to American citizens, the same people he pledges to protect, has become a new norm for the so-called president. Ultimately, Trump’s lies will crash and burn, but sadly, America will have to endure the pain.
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