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  • Old Trump Tweet Proves He Is More Sick & Perverted Than Roy Moore (TWEET)

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    Donald Trump isn’t new to having loose Twitter fingers. Prior to being sworn in, he was known for spewing thoughtless ignorance via mindless tweets. Unfortunately for Trump, the internet doesn’t forget. For seemingly every time Trump decided that he was more intelligent, capable, or generally better than President Obama, there is a tweet that contradicts his actions since taking office, and reminds the world just how vile and disgusting he is.

    In the same vein as Trump’s detestability, there are the plethora of sexual assault claims against him. Sadly, as is often the case when the person who stands accused has power and/or money, the survivor(s) are left being shamed, blamed, and unable to obtain justice. That definitely seems to be the case with those brave enough to attempt to hold Trump accountable.

    Now, Trump surrogate Roy Moore is running in an extremely contentious Alabama special election. With less than a month to go until voting day there, women are coming out of the woodwork to share their Roy Moore horror stories. Despite their willingness to testify under oath, these women are having to watch in terror as various members of the GOP justify, excuse, and otherwise normalize what Moore stands accused of.

    In the midst of the controversy surrounding Moore, Donald Trump has made his position clear:  He doesn’t believe the allegations against Moore. There should be absolutely no surprise there.

    Trump admitted to the illegal act of sexual assault. He was recorded making this admission. Because of the Electoral College process, Trump was declared the winner of Election 2016. His disgusting and illegal abuse of women didn’t matter.

    However, Trump’s infamous “grab ’em by the p***y” remark wasn’t the first indicator that he was a pervert of the Roy Moore type. Among other gross comments, Trump previously bragged about his willingness to date his daughter. Like many other situations with Donald Trump, there is a tweet to remind about just how serious he is about his incestuous love of his “favorite” child.

    In 2013, a Twitter user slammed Trump for dating women young enough to be his daughter. Instead of rebutting that remark with outrage or denials, the highly illogical Trump replied:

    Actually, Donald Trump, your infatuation with your daughter and willingness to brag about the inappropriate attraction you have to her, and young women her age, is perverted. Extremely perverted; perversion takes no talent.

    Featured Image via Getty/Bloomberg/Contributor