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  • Mueller’s Organizational Chart Reveals What’s Next In Russia Probe (VIDEO)

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    Robert Mueller is no stranger to being a leader in difficult times; he was selected to head the FBI just one week before the tragic terror attacks of 9/11. Fully aware after the events of that day that the nation was both mourning from the devastation caused by the terrorists, and cynical of an intelligence community and government they felt failed them, Mueller made it clear that his paramount goal was to “to restore the public’s confidence in the FBI.”

    Sixteen years later, Mueller has again found himself charged with the responsibility of leading through turbulent times. Nevertheless, he appears to remain steadfast in his quest to practice what he preaches about honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, despite the fact that he was selected because of his high moral fiber, Special Counsel Mueller now finds himself facing harsh criticism from Republicans who feel that his commitment to upholding the law is setting the stage for far too many good ol’ boys to be held accountable.

    Thankfully, Mueller remains unbought, unbothered, and undeterred. He is moving forward with poise, professionalism, and care. There is perhaps no greater show of just how intentional Mueller is in all that he does than the manner in which he has staffed his team.

    Mueller has been extremely tight-lipped about the Russia investigation as a whole. However, court filings allow the public to have a glimpse into the who’s who of the Mueller staff, their backgrounds, and the direction Mueller and his 17 federal prosecutor staff are taking the probe.

    Mueller’s most experienced attorneys have high profile people such as Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and White House aides. Mueller’s veteran chief of staff is assigning all of the lawyers to their tasks, to include those who cover several targets. Carefully selected FBI agents question witnesses.

    Andrew Weissmann, Greg Andres, and Kyle Freeny are the attorneys leading the criminal case against Manafort and Rick Gates. All three lawyers are highly skilled in the areas of money laundering, fraud, foreign bribery, and organized crime

    Looking into Flynn is Jeannie Rhee, a Deputy Assistant Attorney General under President Obama. Rhee’s name is being kept low-profile compared to her peers. To date, Rhee’s name has only appeared openly on documents relating to George Papadopoulos’ guilty plea. Zainab Ahmad is assisting Rhee and specializes in prosecuting and collecting evidence in international criminal and terrorism cases; Ahmad’s name hasn’t appeared formally at all.

    Examining Mueller’s organizational chart is key to obtaining an understanding of how small, but mighty his team is. Most importantly, it provides an outline of the key areas being investigated — money ties, money laundering, terrorism, bribery, and organized crime, among other things.

    About the importance of his staff, Samuel Beulle, Duke University law professor and former assistant U.S. attorney, explained:

    ‘Division of labor is essential here. There’s got to be some carving up of this thing into nests of facts.’

    Although Mueller’s investigation is centered around Russia’s interference in Election 2016, it’s crucial to his investigation that he connects all of the related dots. To date, the many connections of those close to Trump to various Russian entities appear to be playing a major role in Mueller’s investigation.

    Mueller has also aligned himself with staff members who have experience handling confirmed White House corruption. His liaison to the White House is James Quarles, a former Watergate prosecutor. Quarles was part of Sean Spicer’s questioning and is also the point person for communication with Trump’s personal attorney and Ty Cobb, the lead White House lawyer handling the Russia probe.For matters Mueller may not be able to quickly address, such as dissecting federal statutes, Mueller has Michael Dreeben, Deputy Solicitor General. Dreeben is a renowned criminal lawyer who has appeared before the Supreme Court more than a hundred times. Drebeen has a reputation for being omniscient where the law is concerned.Mueller’s powers as special counsel are broad. Based on his supporting cast, Mueller intends on catching every fish his broad net will allow him to catch. That’s a good thing for American’s yearning for justice.

    So exactly what’s next for Mueller’s investigation? Finding out every aspect of illegal activity committed by Trump and his flunkies.

    Try as they might to smear his name, Robert Mueller’s reputation precedes him. A Bloomberg overview of a few reasons why he is precisely the person needed to lead the Russia investigation, and why anyone tapped to be on his team is capable of helping Mueller steer the investigation in the right direction, is below:

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