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  • Kellyanne Conway Crumbles In Live Interview, Can’t Defend Trump’s Latest Meltdown (VIDEO)

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    Yesterday, Donald Trump stunned everyone by posting his most unpresidential tweet yet in which he launched a dangerous childish attack against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Trump wrote:

    “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me “old,” when I would NEVER call him “short and fat?” Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen!”

    Many people couldn’t believe it was real, but Trump is now infamous for setting new lows for the country. And unfortunately, Trump’s team is now left to clean up his mess – except it’s getting really, REALLY hard.

    Earlier this morning, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway proved to everyone just how crappy it is to work for Trump when she tried to defend his latest irresponsible tweets, and failed miserably in front of everyone. In a live interview on ABC’s This Week, Conway was asked if Trump’s insults about Kim Jong-Un were helpful, and the only thing she could come up with was a “he started it!” argument. In response to Martha Raddatz asking Conway, “How is that helpful?”, Conway said:

    “Martha, what’s helpful in full context is a 13-day trip where the president is very focused on global security and combating terrorism, and most importantly containing a nuclearized North Korea.

    North Korea is everyone’s business. This man has been on the job for nine or ten months. We inherited a mess, including a nuclearized North Korea, including the Iran deal, including many hot spots around the globe that he is trying, when he’s here at his desk and when he’s abroad on these trips. He’s trying to make better on behalf of everyone.”

    Raddatz pressed Conway further:

    “And you think name-calling is helpful? Calling somebody short and fat?”

    Here’s where Conway lost it:

    “I think that that was a — the president just responding the way he does to somebody who insulted him first, but I look at the full context of his entire trip and everything that he’s trying to do. I think it’s been an incredibly successful and inspiring trip for those who care about North Korea not being nuclearized, for those who care about free trade in this country, for those who care about trade agreements that don’t keep screwing Americans and American workers, for those who care about Syria and what happens with China.”

    Conway has just showed everyone that even the White House thinks Trump is a child! She tried to defend him, and fell flat on her face because there’s really no way to justify or defend Trump’s vile actions at this point. You can watch Conway deliver this epic fail below:

    Featured image is a screenshot

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