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BREAKING: Most Republican County In The Country Just Turned Against Trump; This Is Huge


President Donald Trump is driving away most Republican states. Evidently, Republican losses among educated voters are tipping many states and counties  from red to blue.

This revaluation is changing the nation’s electoral map as Democrats gain rural Republican states such as Illinois, New Mexico, and Virginia. Now, one of the most telling signs of growing Democratic strength is the results of elections in Ohio’s Warren County.

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History has proven that liberals have not gained any ground with this county – they have had no meaningful presence in county or local offices in this rural Ohio county since the 1980s, and rarely even bother running candidates there at all.

Luckily for liberals. that all changed on Tuesday.

According to ShareBlue, “Warren County elected 9 new Democrats to local offices, and re-elected all 4 incumbents. Democrats now have multiple school board members, township trustees, a municipal court judge in Franklin, and a seat on the Educational Services Center. For good measure, they helped a moderate Republican defeat a far-right candidate for trustee in Deerfield Township.”

What explains the widening of the education gap in this county? One could easily argue that Trump is notoriously ill-informed and that turns off educated voters. He is skeptical of climate change, for example, as are a lot of poorly educated Americans. Obviously, Warren County does not want to be categorized as a county that is poorly educated.





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