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  • Mueller Closing In On WH Communication Director; Loyalties Will Be Tested (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump, Russia

    It’s now known that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has, at bare minimum, enough evidence to have secured indictments against Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, and George Papadopoulos. At this point, rumors continue to swirl about who’s next and where former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, falls in where things stand with the investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government.

    Because he has been so quiet since resigning so he wouldn’t get fired, people have also asked reasonable questions around whether or not Flynn is cooperating with the FBI, has turned on Trump, etc. While it’s unknown if Flynn jumped off the loyalty to Trump train in order to save himself, it has now been confirmed that George Papadopoulos has been talking. Papadopoulos’ cooperation with the Russia investigation isn’t new, either.

    In fact, Mueller filed court documents verifying that since July, Papadopoulos has been acting as a “proactive cooperator.” To be exact, the filing reads:

    ‘Defendant has indicated that he is willing to cooperate with the government in its ongoing investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.’

    Adding to the prospect of the Russia investigation nearing Trump is legal experts and Washington insiders theorizing that Papadopoulos may have worn a wire when communicating with various Trump staffers who may very likely be implicated in later indictments. Now Mueller has reportedly made his way to Hope Hicks. Hicks has been with Trump since his days on the campaign trail and some say she may have been dishonest about statements she constructed regarding the campaign’s contacts with various Russian entities.

    Days after the election, Hicks told the media that no one connected to Trump conducted any meetings with Russian operatives. Everyone now knows that’s not true, but it’s unclear what else Hicks has been dishonest about. What is clear is that Hick’s dedication to Trump and willingness to purger herself, are about to be put to the ultimate test.

    A CNN segment outlining just how close Mueller’s investigation is getting to Donald Trump himself, is below:

    Featured Image via Getty/Saul Loeb/Staff