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  • Trump Just Used His Speech To South Korea Legislature To Promote Trump Businesses

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    President Trump is currently in Seoul, South Korea addressing the National Assembly. He took this opportunity to demand that every nation downgrade their diplomatic connections with North Korea, suggesting that they should sever any trade agreements. Other than urging world leaders to do something that will most likely not happen, Trump also took the opportunity to promote his golf course.

    No Time For Diplomacy, Time To Promote Golf Courses

    “Korean golfers are some of the best on Earth,” Trump quipped. A penchant for promoting his special interests, Trump then said that the Women’s U.S. Open was held at one of his courses, at the “Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.”As the audience oddly clapped at this revelation, Trump noted that it was won by “a great Korean golfer.”

    Other Noteworthy Pars of His 35 Minute Speech

    Trump also took the opportunity to jab at North Korea and its leaders, saying that any provocative actions will be a “fatal miscalculation.” In April 2017, North Korea said that it was prime and ready to defend itself by “powerful force of arms,” after a Navy aircraft was deployed too close for comfort, in the nearby Sea of Japan.

    Trump is taunting and strong-arming a nation that reportedly has between 13 and 21 warheads, several more than it did back in 2014. It has been actively testing these weapons on nuclear test sites, sparking a spate of deformed children, with a “phantom disease” that has been ravaging locals.

    Taunting North Korea would be irresponsible, since their nuclear programs are shrouded in mystery, and we simply do not know the girth of their atomic weaponry.


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