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  • North Korea Responds To Trump’s Speech; This Will Not End Well (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump is bully who, despite boasting about how intelligent he is, often shows how ignorant he is on some of the most important global stages there are. Even worse, Trump┬áhasn’t seemed to figure out that being a bully to someone like Kim Jong-un, will get him nowhere, but in the position to figure out how to protect America’s heroes from the perils of war.

    For months, Trump’s irresponsible Twitter fingers and mindless mouth have made remarks that someone as volatile as Kim Jong-un is reported to be, could take as fighting words. For example, Trump tweeted:

    “Little Rocket Man?” Is that how the so-called President Of the United States of America truly thinks he should be addressing anyone, let alone someone in an adversarial position who stands at-the-ready for war?┬áThen there was the time that Trump was clearly picking a fight, but tweeted that “North Korea is looking for trouble”:

    In reality, it’s Donald Trump who is not only “looking for trouble,” but starting it. With that in mind, despite South Korea’s pleas that war with North Korea not happen, Trump’s most recent fighting words, delivered on Tuesday, may have been seen as just the trigger Kim Jong-un needs, to make Trump put his military force, where his reckless mouth is.

    In response to his speech, North Korean officials reportedly called Trump a “mad dog” and said that they “don’t care” what Trump says. Providing further insight into how North Korean officials view Trump’s behavior, it’s also being reported that they feel:

    ‘This situation, right now, is the most tense that it has been since the Korean War.’

    The North Korean government is also [fairly] accusing Trump of trying to start another war on the Korean peninsula. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s erratic, undiplomatic, and aggressive behavior has been that of someone who wants to fight. Sadly, it’s America’s soldiers, sailors, and airmen, not Trump, who will have to defend the U.S. against Trump’s words. For his part in what he has created, Trump will likely simply keep running his mouth.

    CNN commentary around North Korea’s response to Trump’s speech may be viewed below:

    Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.