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  • Here Are Trump’s Top Five Failures Since Taking Office; He’s Not Making America Great Again (IMAGES)

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    Ask many Americans, and they’ll tell you that Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the United States, he’s a failure, and his time in office is a stain on all that America is supposed to be. Trump’s gross lack of leadership, insistence on being a bully, willingness to enable racism and display racist behavior himself, and inability to unify a wounded and hurting country, are just a few of the ways that he is making a complete joke of the office he holds.

    In addition to the obvious aforementioned failures, there are some specific things Trump and his flunkies have done that make his time in office thus far a total disgrace. While the list below is up for debate, many people will likely agree that these things top the list (in no certain order) when thinking about Trump’s total tragedies:

    1.  Charlottesville

    Image via Getty/NurPhoto/Contributor

    By virtue of its definition, racism can’t be the fault of people on “many sides.” Unfortunately, that didn’t stop Trump’s loose lips from saying just that. At a time when America needed words of healing, unification, and hope, Donald Trump offered a tardy, shallow, and victim-blaming response to the tragedy.

    No, Donald Trump, Charlottesville was not the fault of people on “many sides.” It was the fault of white supremacist, domestic terrorists, and racists. Also, someone please help John Kelly understand that the cause of the Civil War was slavery.

    2.  The Paris Agreement

    Image via Getty/Aaron Bernstein/Stringer

    As if the Paris Agreement was exclusive to only people in Paris and did not include people in Pittsburgh, Trump ignorantly proclaimed that he was elected to represent the “people of Pittsburgh, not Paris” as he withdrew. Ironically, the people of Pittsburgh overwhelmingly voted against Donald Trump. However, Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the agreement was seen by other world powers at America surrendering its place as a world leader.

    3.  He Has Horrible Human Resources Skills

    Image via Getty/Drew Angerer/Staff

    Michael Flynn, Sean Spicer, Tom Price, Steve Bannon, Preet Bharara, and Sebastian Gorka are just a few of the ex-Trump staffers who have quit, been fired, or quit before they were fired.

    4.  He Failed To Repeal And Replace The ACA

    Image via Getty/William Campbell/Contributor

    Trump sold his supporters a dream with his promise to “repeal and replace Obamacare.” It was perhaps his primary campaign platform, but to date, he has failed to obtain the support needed to remove the Affordable Care Act.

    5.  He Keeps Instigating War With North Korea, Via Twitter

    Trump’s North Korea-specific tweets don’t minimize the magnitude of the failure caused by his tweets in general. However, his repeated insistence on triggering Kim Jong-un just seems to carry a little extra weight when thinking about Trump’s Twitter fingers in relation to his other careless tweets.

    Because he seems to like showing just how tactless he can be, there are lots of other Trump failures that could go on this list. What are some fiascos that come to mind when you think about America’s failure in chief?

    Featured Image via Getty/Saul Loeb/Contributor