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  • Trump Responds To Texas Church Shooting From Japan; More Of The Same

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    20 people have been shot dead in a Sutherland Springs, Texas church today. Occurring around 11:30 A.M local time, the pastor’s 14-year-old daughter and all of his family members who were present are among the reported dead. The shooter is also dead, but it is currently unclear if he died via suicide or police interaction. The shooting has rocked the quaint community of just 400, but it represents a more significant problem of untethered gun violence.

    President Trump’s Response

    President Trump tweeted that he is currently monitoring the incident from Japan, tweeting that the FBI and Law enforcement are “on the scene” and wished God to “be with the people of Sutherland Springs”. Other politicians also tweeted their prayers and condolences.

    Trump has a history of lackadaisical responses in the face of domestic and international tragedies. Actually, there are documented efforts where he used tragedies to promote, provoke, and politicize tragedies. During his visit to hurricane-ravaged Texas back in August, where he wore a “USA” hat – which you can pick up for $40.00 at his online store – Trump was in awe at the “turn out”, signaling his appreciation for the amount of people who showed up to see him, instead of buckling down and focusing on solutions. The most telling example was when he gave a nod to his white supremacist base when he seemingly gave them a pass in a conference after a white supremacist valley in Charlottesville.

    What Should You Expect?

    For the next couple of weeks, expect people to argue and debate over the semantics of “terrorism,” with some delegating it to Muslims, and others spotlighting White American’s participation in domestic terrorism. Expect non-effective prayers, NRA to rally its base for more donations, and absolutely no legislation to reel in gun violence with sensible gun control laws.

    See you at the mass shooting.

    Featured image via Flickr.