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  • Trump’s Daughter In Law Taking On White House Duties; This Is Unprecedented (Tweets)

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    Nepotism is nothing new. The practice of a powerful individual surrounding themselves with people who are family or have family-like loyalty is an age-old tradition that has merely been given new life with the toxic white masculinity that the Trump administration has ushered in. For, in a matter of months, Trump has turned the branch of government typically run by seasoned professionals into a family business that reeks of cover-ups, shady dealings, and dishonesty.

    From his decision to bring in polarizing family friends like Steven Bannon, to the manner in which he has allowed his daughter and son-in-law to assume senior positions that come with access to highly classified information, Trump has repeatedly spat on the fair expectation that the executive branch is staffed with qualified people. Now it seems Trump’s lack of regard for the qualifications White House staffers should have has reached a new low.

    Lara Trump, the wife of Donald’s son Eric, is reportedly the newest grossly unqualified family member to be inserting herself into roles she has no business being in.

    Lara has been dubbed “the face” of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, but it looks like helping her father-in-law get re-elected has also meant that Lara has been conducting meetings with high-ranking officials such as Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Veterans Affairs Committee Charmain Phil Roe, and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fl). These meetings have had less to do with organizing Trump’s re-election bid and more to do with getting the aforementioned people to support a $10 million federal plan to create a new Veterans Affairs program for which few details have been made public.

    Upon reports of Lara Trump’s involvement in White House affairs being publicized, people took to social media to share their understandable and justifiable disgust:

    The average social media users aren’t the only ones taken aback by Lara Trump’s emergence as the latest family member inserting herself in national affairs in ways that don’t seem to make sense. Capitol Hill veterans like David Gergen, who has served four administrations, also chimed in to express his concern:

    ‘I cannot remember something like that ever happening in my time. This White House is being run like a family business, and campaigning is their bread and butter.’

    Experts in the area of government ethics are also weighing in. Virginia Canter, Ethics Counsel for the executive branch at CREW, worked under Presidents Obama and George W. Bush and argues:

    ‘This is not normal. To the extent that somebody is actively engaged in political campaigning, it would be inappropriate for them to be sitting in and heading White House meetings. It raises a lot of concerns; you get the appearance that the individual is moving policy for political purposes rather than the public interest.’

    Seems like the only thing Donald J. Trump is making “great again” is his family’s ability to fill positions they’re not qualified to hold.

    Featured Image via Getty/Bloomberg/Contributor