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  • Netanyahu’s Wife Just Got Caught On Hot Mic Speaking To Melania; What She Says Will Piss You Off


    While President Trump and Melania were welcomed by Israel, Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was caught making small talk with the First Lady. During their exchange, Netanyahu’s wife discussed a similarity between the two couples: they are both hated by the media, but loved by the people.

    Yeah right.

    “You know in Israel all the people like us, the media hate us but the people love us,” Sara Netanyahu said to Melania Trump. “Like you.”

    Con artist Donald heard her remarks and replied with:

    “We have a lot in common.”

    Sara Netanyahu added:

    “We’ll talk about it over dinner.”

    Netanyahu may claim that the media is out to get the two couples, but she is clearly delusional and mislead when it comes to what America “loves.” America does not love nor support the Trump family. The majority of the people in the states will not stand by a man who is destroying our nation every time he opens his mouth. In addition, they will not stand by a First Lady who refuses to move into the White House and hides out in her luxurious pent house funded by tax payers. As far as the media goes, they wouldn’t have anything to report on Trump if he didn’t feed it to them on a daily bases with his ridiculous tweets; Trump, indefinitely, is his own worst enemy.

    So, sorry to break it you Mrs. Netanyahu but no one here likes the Trump clan except a dwindling few.

    Here is the exchange:

    Featured Image via Getty Images