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  • Trump Brothers To Open ‘Plantation Style’ Hotels In Poor Black Areas (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric are planning to open luxury resorts in Mississippi (poorest state) which they are calling an“American Idea.” However, in practice they are reopening 2 Comfort Inns and Rodeway Inns and modifying them to the standard of Trump’s hotels.

    The Washington Post wrote, “It is nearly unheard of for a national hotel company to debut hotel lines in one of America’s poorest corners, surrounded by cotton and soybean fields and lacking a commercial airport or even an easily accessed interstate.” Obviously, this doesn’t sound like a good business idea.

    The plan is to design a “antebellum plantation” like project in a town with a small population of 12,000 people, the majority of whom are African-American. Amid cotton field with little access for outsiders, most black residents “view it as Trump’s effort to monetize the threadbare music invented by slaves in the Mississippi cotton fields.”

    53.3% children in the area are living in poverty and 59% households earn less than $35,000 an year making it one of the poorest of corners in the country. The closure of factories during the recession resulted in unemployment, making people desperate for work.

    Rep. Bennie Thompson told the Washington Post, “It shows he really doesn’t have a conscience. It’s about money. People are looking for something that’s going to raise Mississippi up off the bottom.”

    Rawstory reported, “During the 2016 campaign, Donald Jr. met with the Chawla sons at a GOP fundraiser in Jackson, Mississippi. Suresh Chawla donated $50,000 to GOP candidates as well as $27,700 to the Trump campaign. Trump’s CEO of hotels, Eric Danziger, suddenly began considering the Cleveland project for their first Scion. The Trump brothers met with the Chawlas in June to announce the project.” So, they always had an intention of starting hotels in the state, but the question is for whom?

    The black community wouldn’t be so willing to spend their money on Trump’s hotels considering the racist he is. If his team is targeting them for business, it would probably fail.


    Image Courtesy: Getty Images