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  • Breaking: Accused Sexual Predator Now Slotted To Host Fox News; Fox Hosts Let Lose

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    Bill O’Reilly settled claims of workplace harassment and Fox News promptly renewed his contract. Some Fox News cohosts aren’t taking it sitting down.

    Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News host, slammed the network after finding out that Fox News will be keeping O’Reilly on air immediately after he settled a lawsuit over sexual harassment. On Saturday, Carlson released a statement saying that it is “horrifying to think that any company would dismiss an employee following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and allow him back on air a few months later.”

    Carlson Gave Confidence To Other Women

    In July 2016, Carlson sued Roger Ailes over allegations of sexual harassment. This helped open the door for other Fox News colleagues to come forth with their charges of sexual assault and harassment.

    12 days after Carlson came out with her claims, Megyn Kelly tells investigators that Ailes also harassed her. In that summer alone, others stepped forward – Laurie Luhn said that Ailes harassed her for 20 years and Fox News did nothing about it. Ailes and Bill O’Reilly also harassed Andrea Tantoros. Fox News, instead of helping their employees during that time, put out a statement that Tantaros was “an opportunist.” Juliet Huddy claims that O’Reilly attempted to kiss her and then made her job difficult when she rejected him.

    The allegations have spilled over into 2017. In March 2017, Tamara Holder was compensated by Fox News after reports that Fox News Latino executive Francisco Cortes forced himself on her. In April 2017, Fox contributor Julie Roginsky and radio-TV personality Wendy Walsh also accused O’Reilly and Ailes of harassment

    Bill O’Reilly’s New Contract

    Fox News is giving O’Reilly a four-year contract in the tune of $25 million a year. He’s gaining more, as his previous deal allotted him $18 million.

    Since the allegations, O’Reilly has said that these claims were “politically and financially motivated.”

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