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  • Tucker Carlson’s INSANE Reason Of Why It’s Impossible For Trump To Be Racist Against Puerto Ricans

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    Fox New’s Tucker Carlson has a pretty “special” explanation as to why it’s impossible for Donald Trump and his administration’s treatment of Puerto Ricans to have anything to do with racism.

    On Thursday, Carlson debated a guest who mentioned that many Puerto Ricans felt as though they were being treated differently than other hurricane victims because they are not white. Of course, Carlson found it absurd that his fantasy daddy could possibly harbor any racism toward Puerto Ricans (perish the thought). Because (according to Carlson’s “research”) the Puerto Ricans self-identify as “white.”

    TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): As a factual matter, Puerto Rico is 75 percent white, according to the U.S. Census. So, I’m not sure how it’s — I’m reading the Census numbers. I’m not sure how that’s racist. I mean, maybe he doesn’t like Puerto Ricans or maybe he did a bad job, that’s all fair, but racist?


    Look, I’m not defending the federal response to anything. I would never do that. I always assume it is going to be lame and late, although, by the way, the DOD and FEMA were there before the storm, just so you know.

    But the race angle bothers me because it is unfounded, it makes people hate each other, and it’s just stupid. This is a place that is more white than many U.S. states, including our biggest state, California, including Texas.

    Like most neocons of his ilk, Tucker once again manages to obfuscate one issue to cover another.

    It’s likely that many Puerto Ricans probably identify more with their European Spaniard heritage rather than the version we know in the Americas. The could explain why they would identify as Caucasian as people in Spain are considered Caucasian. However, that’s a complicated topic that merits a separate more serious discussion rather than being used as a deceptive debate tactic.

    Meanwhile, conservatives like Carlson continue to find new and exciting ways to twist and contort to accommodate their heads further up their president’s posterior.

    Well, mission accomplished Tucker. You big winner.

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