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  • Trump Turns His Back On His Own Chief Of Staff; Calls Him A Liar

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    Donald Trump has contradicted his Chief of Staff John Kelly by stating that his passionate defense of the controversial president regarding the fallen soldier was “a total lie”. Many will be shocked that Trump took to Twitter to slap down one of his most senior aides, especially considering the lengths that he went to defend Trump.

    Trump isn’t best known for his loyalty and has been widely criticized about his ease at throwing others under the bus. The former marine general has defended Trump vigorously on the way Trump handled a phone call to the widow of a soldier killed in action.

    Trump is still desperately trying to downplay the situation and save some face, but General Kelly has described how he had guided Trump in what to say and had included the now infamous phrase “knew what he was getting himself into” but it was intended as a way to display the fallen soldier as a warrior. The comment itself has become the center of the discussion with Rep. Frederica Wilson describing the statement “disrespectful”. This prompted Trump to take to twitter to attack the Democratic representative describing her as “wacky”

    This situation is doing extreme harm to the presidency and Trump is trying his hardest as per usual to try and duck the issues by misdirecting the media’s attention away from the facts at hand.  Many in the media feel that this may be the last straw since he will more than likely lose the support of the military. With his history of draft dodging and now disrespecting and then lying about his conversations with grieving families, it seems that Trump is all but done for.


    Photo Courtesy: Getty Images