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  • Paul Ryan Begs House Republicans Not To Quit; They’re Dropping Like Flies Thanks To Trump


    House Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t having a good time controlling the lower Congressional chamber. With the looming resignation of Rep. Pat Tiberi, Paul Ryan is feeling the effects of the exodus of Republicans who are announcing their retirements, with many of these departures based on of the ineptitude of President Donald Trump.

    Republicans Are Leaving Paul Ryan Behind

    In July, Rep. Dave Trott was upset because of the ineffectiveness surrounding the White House, specifically with then-Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci. Six weeks later, Trott announced his retirement after the Affordable Care Act overhaul failed to pass. Rep. Charlie Dent claims a lack of legislative wins is the reason why he’s leaving. In a conversation with Politico, Dent said that it was challenging to accomplish even the essential items like “keeping the government open or not defaulting on our obligations.”

    Two representatives have announced their resignations, seven are retiring altogether, and ten are leaving to run for higher office. This puts pressure on Paul Ryan, with these retirements and resignations placing leadership in an urgent situation.

    A report by Politico also notes that Paul Ryan “implored” the House Budget to stay, as chairwoman Diane Black was flirting with the idea to run for governor of Tennessee to help him in creating a budget agreement with the Senate.

    What’s Paul Ryan to do?

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