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  • Kellyanne Conway PRAISES Trump’s Disrespect Of Fallen Soldiers, This Is Unforgivable (VIDEO)

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    As if Donald Trump’s insults to the families of fallen soldiers weren’t sickening enough, one of his mouthpieces have just poured salt in the wound.

    Earlier today, counselor Kellyanne Conway addressed Trump’s horrific comments to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed during an ISIS ambush in Niger. Trump had heartlessly stated that Johnson “knew what he signed up for”, which understandably invited backlash and criticism.

    People have been bashing Trump left and right for this response, but at least Trump has one person in his corner – Conway herself. In an interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, Conway defended Trump and said that criticism was “just the haters” and “people of privilege” trying to “score cheap political points against the president.”

    When Faulkner brought up the fact that Trump has been denying that he made those comments to the widow, Conway fact checked her own boss and said that he had actually said those words, but that the media wasn’t reporting the “full quote.” Conway stated that Trump was more consoling and sensitive during the conversation. She said:

    “It’s just the haters being presumptively negative, as they always are. But you know what’s tragic? That family just suffered a loss … and yet it gets immediately politicized because people of privilege think they can score cheap political points against the president. That’s what we do find to be most disgraceful.”

    Conway is ignoring the fact that no one has politicized or exploited this situation more than Trump himself. The way Trump has insulted the families of fallen soldiers and refused to properly honor these heroes is disgraceful. To praise Trump and excuse his vile behavior is truly unforgivable. To make this even worse, Conway only had this awful, half-ass response to Trump’s shortcomings:

    “You know what’s in his heart.”

    Trump doesn’t even have a heart! Who is she kidding?! You can watch this ridiculous interview below:

    Featured image via Mark Wilson / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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