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  • As Puerto Rico Continues To Suffer, Trump Takes To Twitter And Sticks The Knife In Further

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    Donald Trump, from his perch in the Oval Office, has declared war on all things that oppose him. If you’re like roughly 74 percent of the country — that means he has declared war on YOU. His pettiness is starting to show through the thin veneer more and more each day as he strikes out in an attempt to discredit ObamaCare, discredit main stream media and news, and anyone that just pisses him off.

    But he thinks this will make the people of Puerto Rico happy this morning:

    The show of fake compassion toward the people he was denigrating yesterday and victim blaming for being in the path of a devastating hurricane is appalling. They can now rest assured that they will have Trump with them always. You believe that, right? It’s probably inducing panic attacks in them as we speak. He still couldn’t even try to show compassion without a little dig “how bad things were before…”

    And in other tweets:

    Trump seemed to have two things on his tiny little mind yesterday — destroying medical coverage under ObamaCare, and continuing his attack on NBC and other news programs that (very rudely) insist on telling the truth about Trump. He continued through the evening trying (again) to discredit NBC and couldn’t resist a little dig at his previous nemesis CNN:

    He was up tweeting at 5:36 a.m. EDT, this time attacking ObamaCare and trying to convince himself that TrumpCare is a better alternative:

    He kind of fixed that yesterday by just canceling all subsidy payments to insurance companies with an Executive Order. When he did that, millions of people looked at their health and their bank account and realized that they will die much sooner now because they can no longer afford the health insurance that was keeping them alive. No crime, no trial, no justice — they just received death sentences for having the nerve to still be alive because of the policies set in place by President Obama to make sure they had affordable health care.

    He retweeted a couple of posts from Bill O’Reilly, failed Fox News sexual predator (they have to stick together you know). O’Reilly’s seems to be trying to earn brownie points from Trump saying that Trump is causing major damage to the NBC brand (he’s not), and railing about fake news. Sorry BillO, your day is done dude, you’re just another failed loser from the Fox News playhouse.

    And back to hammering ObamaCare for Trump:

    And then, of course, finishing off his morning bout of constipation with a little dig on how we need to mean to immigrants and not protect sanctuary areas. Because the least little bit of compassion or humanitarianism means we are weak. He really should eat more bran.

    Welp, Trump, if being nice to people because they are people means I’m weak, I am proud to be one of the weakest people on the planet.

    The meaner and more petty Trump gets, the nicer and more compassionate the rest of should get. Imagine how that would grate on his already shattered and oh-so-fragile nerves.

    Featured image from Flickr under a Public Domain license