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  • Trump Woke Up And Got Busy Blaming The Victims Of Hurricane Maria

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    Just over three weeks following the complete devastation of the island of Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump is withholding support, threatening to withdraw Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and leaving 3.4 million America citizens to fend for themselves on the island of Puerto Rico.

    While Trump threatens to remove assistance from the island of Puerto Rico, FEMA is still very active assisting people in the United States regions impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. It is curious that the total devastation of homes, infrastructure, and electrical grid on Puerto is somehow the fault of the victims who lost everything, while the flood damage caused by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida are worthy of continued and ongoing FEMA support.

    Hurricane Harvey struck land in Texas on August 26. Resulting rains from the hurricane lingered over the area for the next four days dumping tons of water, which is what caused the bulk of the damage to the Houston and surrounding areas. FEMA is still there, actively helping people rebuild their lives. There are four active Hurricane Relief Centers still operating at full capacity for the residents affected by Hurricane Harvey.

    Hurricane Irma struck land in Florida on September 10. A month later, relief forces are still operating at full force. Just yesterday, FEMA put out an advertisement on their official site asking for job applicants to fill positions assisting disaster recovery teams already in place. The first line of the advertisement says:

    FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is hiring local residents to assist in the disaster recovery effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

    The ongoing relief efforts in both Florida and Texas beg the question — Why is Puerto Rico different? They are American citizens. The damage from Hurricane Maria was much more incapacitating than the damage from hurricanes Harvey and Irma combined, which was largely caused by water, with very little structural damage beyond saturation from flood waters.

    Hurricane Maria struck the island on September 20. Relief was slow to arrive and Trump blamed it on the fact that it is an island, surrounded by water, big water. When they did finally arrive on the island, they were slow starting in getting out to remote areas of the island and have not yet reached some areas on the island at all. The struggles are blamed on crumbling or non-existent roads, but other volunteer forces are able to reach these locations. In fact, MSNBC even sent a film crew out to see the real condition of the island.

    If everyone else can reach these remote locations to help people, why can’t the FEMA forces that are trained in emergency management and should be able to overcome obstacles?

    As we seethe in anger over the repeated rebuff of the citizens of Puerto Rico, which has surpassed even the calamity of George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, we must stand firm in demanding that Trump do his job. He needs to be a president, or he needs to get gone. Killing people on an island because you’re getting bad publicity as a result of your own inaction as president is not acceptable.

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