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  • Fox News Is Burning Bridges, Threatens Trump With Watergate 2.0 (VIDEO)

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    President Donald Trump’s war with the press continues. On Wednesday, the president said that he was disgusted that the “press is able to write whatever it wants to write.” His incessant attacks on the media and the First Amendment has agitated a network that has long been supportive of President Trump – Fox News.

    Coupled with his threats to revoke NBC’s broadcasting permit with his nonstop attacks on the freedom of the press, Fox News broadcaster Shep Smith rounded Trump together with a history lesson.

    Smith noted that what President Trump was doing wasn’t anything new. It’s a tactic that has been used during the Richard Nixon administration to work “the refs.” Before Nixon resigned from his presidency, the 37th president was known to be particularly harsh about the press and the media. At one point, he gathered several top executives representing different broadcasting networks, and informed them that the reporters couldn’t “stand the fact” that he was in office.

    Fox News Burning Bridges?

    After explaining Nixon’s fall due to the Watergate scandal, Smith quipped by saying “sound familiar?”. Smith was referencing President Trump’s meeting with news executives where he attacked them for unfair coverage throughout the campaign season. There is a parallel here, since Nixon’s press secretary noted that all of the major TV networks were anti-Nixon and they will pay for their misdeeds.

    Smith slyly threatened Trump and his propensity to offend the First Amendment, saying “in the end, journalism ended his political career.”

    This isn’t the first time that Fox News has shared sharp words with President Trump. Is the relationship between the Republican network and Trump being compromised?

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