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  • Trump ‘Honors’ Hispanic Heritage Month By Making Fun Of Puerto Ricans (VIDEO)

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    As the people in Puerto Rico are still struggling to survive after being hit by Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump is kicking them while they’re down – even after he completely turned his back on them immediately after the hurricane hit.

    To ‘honor’ Hispanic Heritage Month, Trump further insulted the people of Puerto Rico by unleashing his usual insensitive racism during a speech at a Hispanic Heritage Month event. Not giving a damn that Puerto Rico needs aid more than ever and that the death toll is rising by the day, Trump repeatedly used a fake, exaggerated Spanish accent to say “Puerto Rico.” Trump said:

    “We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico. We love Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. And we also love Puerto Rico.”

    Seriously, it will make you sick when you see this:

    Trump said this in front of representatives from more than 200 Hispanic businesses, community groups, and faith groups. While there seems to be some laughter in the video, we can be certain that many people in the audience were NOT comfortable with this mockery from Trump.

    Trump was not merely making a stupid joke – he has been extremely indifferent to the suffering in Puerto Rico over the past few weeks, and this is a further jab at the people living there. When Trump visited Puerto Rico to “help” provide relief, many commented that Trump treated them “like animals.” The Toronto Star reported:

    “He arrives with a smile on his face, makes fun of the situation, shows no empathy, lies and lies on camera as he does 24/7. And then throws paper towel rolls to people in need as if he was playing Go Fetch with dogs.”

    No one should excuse Trump’s accent as a harmless joke. His racism is showing, and it deserves to be condemned.

    Featured image via Tom Pennington / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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