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  • Melania’s Immigration Lawyer Is SHREDDING Trump For DACA Decision (DETAILS)

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    Most Americans can see how insane it is that Donald Trump, the man who married an immigrant, is now trying to ruin the lives of immigrants across the country. This irony isn’t lost on First Lady Melania Trump’s lawyer, the man who vouched for her immigration status, and now he’s speaking up.

    Attorney Michael Wildes has said he is “prayerful” that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program will survive the Trump administration, despite Trump’s recent announcement to end the program. As Wildes currently works to help those who benefit from DACA, he can vouch for the “good souls” who have made a life for themselves in this country.

    Wildes has been involved in immigration reform and DACA for years, and even helped Trump during his presidential campaign when there were rumors that Melania had been working in the U.S. without proper documentation in the 1990s. It was Wildes who helped put an end to those rumors with a letter stating Melania had gone through legitimate immigration processes when she’d come into the United States. He has also been an attorney to Trump for many years, so it’s interesting that he would say this about Trump’s DACA decision:

    “I believe the president has great heart and I’ve represented his family and businesses for many years now. He appreciates foreign talent, and children. And the golden doors of America should be open to these good souls.”

    Wildes is now staying hopeful that Congress will do something to protect the beneficiaries of DACA. He said:

    “We appreciate as lawyers in the field that the president is going to pivot this to Congress. That’s where this belongs. The question is whether or not the deafening silence in Washington will be broken.”

    It should be noted that almost 80% of Americans believe that the undocumented immigrants that were brought to the country should be allowed to stay. Trump’s beliefs are certainly the minority in this case, and we hope that Congress will do the right thing.

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