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  • Shocking 2011 Video Shows Donald Trump DEFENDING Undocumented Families (VIDEO)

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    Much of America has been stunned by Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, signaling his latest attack against immigrants.

    While many of us expected that Trump would do anything to enact his racism upon people that he doesn’t give a damn about, even this seemed particularly heartless. To top off the chaos that this news has caused, Trump’s decision has become even more puzzling now that an old video of him defending undocumented immigrants has surfaced.

    Earlier today, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski uncovered and shared a 2011 interview of Trump actually doing quite the opposite of what he’s been doing since his 2016 presidential campaign began – defending immigrants. The interview, which aired on Fox News, captured Trump stating:

    “You ask Michele [Bachmann] to actually, physically go across the street and tell the family of 25 years to get out of this country, she wouldn’t do it because she’s a good person.”

    Trump even criticized the idea of politics influencing illegal immigration. He said:

    “This isn’t conservative. This is compassion.”

    You can watch that interview below:

    Kaczynski shared another clip in which Trump actually used the same argument that pro-DACA activists are currently making for keeping undocumented immigrants inside the United States:

    “You have people in this country for 20 years, they’ve done a great job, they’ve done wonderfully, they’ve gone to school, they’ve gotten good marks, they’re productive — now we’re supposed to send them out of the country? I don’t believe in that.”

    Unfortunately, the man who spoke in these interviews is a far cry from the tyrant that we currently have in the White House. One must wonder what happened in Trump’s life over the last few years that made him turn into the heartless moron he is now.

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